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kirbybase::KirbyBase Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Database Management System.

Public Methods:
    __init__             - Create an instance of database.
    close                - Close database.
    create               - Create a table.
    insert               - Insert a record into a table.
    insertBatch          - Insert a list of records into a table.
    update               - Update a table.
    delete               - Delete record(s) from a table.
    select               - select record(s) from a table.
    pack                 - remove deleted records from a table.
    validate             - validate data in table records.
    drop                 - Remove a table.
    getFieldNames        - Get a list of a table's field names.
    getFieldTypes        - Get a list of a table's field types.
    addFields            - Insert new column(s) into table.
    dropFields           - Remove column(s) from table.
    len                  - Total number of records in table.
    setDefaultReturnType - Set the default return type for selects.

Definition at line 239 of file kirbybase.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def addFields
def close
def create
def delete
def drop
def dropFields
def getFieldNames
def getFieldTypes
def insert
def insertBatch
def len
def pack
def select
def setDefaultReturnType
def update
def validate

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _closeTable
def _convertInput
def _deleteRecord
def _encodeString
def _getMatchByRecno
def _getMatches
def _incrDeleteCounter
def _incrRecnoCounter
def _openTable
def _sendSocket
def _strToBool
def _strToDate
def _strToDateTime
def _unencodeString
def _updateHeaderVars
def _validateFilter
def _validateMatchCriteria
def _validateUpdateCriteria
def _writeRecord

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