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Cheetah::Tests::unittest_local_copy::FunctionTestCase Class Reference

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Detailed Description

A test case that wraps a test function.

This is useful for slipping pre-existing test functions into the
PyUnit framework. Optionally, set-up and tidy-up functions can be
supplied. As with TestCase, the tidy-up ('tearDown') function will
always be called if the set-up ('setUp') function ran successfully.

Definition at line 461 of file unittest_local_copy.py.

Public Member Functions

def __call__
def __init__
def __init__
def __repr__
def __str__
def countTestCases
def debug
def defaultTestResult
 internal methods
def describe
def explain
def fail
 methods for use by the test cases
def failIf
def failIfAlmostEqual
def failIfEqual
def failUnless
def failUnlessAlmostEqual
def failUnlessEqual
def failUnlessRaises
def id
def run
def runTest
def setDescription
def setExplanation
def setId
def setUp
 core methods
def tearDown

Static Public Attributes

 assert_ = failUnless
 assertAlmostEqual = assertAlmostEqualsfailUnlessAlmostEqual
 assertEqual = assertEqualsfailUnlessEqual
 assertNotAlmostEqual = assertNotAlmostEqualsfailIfAlmostEqual
 assertNotEqual = assertNotEqualsfailIfEqual
 assertRaises = failUnlessRaises
 failureException = AssertionError
 name = None
 shortDescription = describe

Private Attributes


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