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Cheetah::SettingsManager::_SettingsCollector Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Cheetah::SettingsManager::_SettingsCollector:

Cheetah::SettingsManager::SettingsManager Cheetah::Compiler::ModuleCompiler Cheetah::Template::Template Cheetah::Templates::_SkeletonPage::_SkeletonPage Cheetah::Tools::CGITemplate::CGITemplate Cheetah::Templates::SkeletonPage::SkeletonPage

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Detailed Description

An abstract base class that provides the methods SettingsManager uses to
collect settings from config files and SettingsContainers.

This class only collects settings it doesn't modify the _settings dictionary
of SettingsManager instances in any way.

SettingsCollector is designed to:
- be able to read settings from Python src files (or strings) so that
  complex Python objects can be stored in the application's settings
  dictionary.  For example, you might want to store references to various
  classes that are used by the application and plugins to the application
  might want to substitute one class for another.
- be able to read/write .ini style config files (or strings)
- allow sections in .ini config files to be extended by settings in Python
  src files
- allow python literals to be used values in .ini config files
- maintain the case of setting names, unlike the ConfigParser module

Definition at line 194 of file SettingsManager.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def normalizePath
def readSettingsFromConfigFile
def readSettingsFromConfigFileObj
def readSettingsFromContainer
def readSettingsFromPySrcFile
def readSettingsFromPySrcStr

Static Public Attributes

 readSettingsFromModule = readSettingsFromContainer

Private Member Functions

def _getAllAttrsFromContainer
def _isContainer

Static Private Attributes

 _ConfigParserClass = ConfigParserCaseSensitive
tuple _sysPathLock = Lock()

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