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Cheetah::SettingsManager::SettingsManager Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Cheetah::SettingsManager::SettingsManager:

Cheetah::SettingsManager::_SettingsCollector Cheetah::Compiler::ModuleCompiler Cheetah::Template::Template Cheetah::Templates::_SkeletonPage::_SkeletonPage Cheetah::Tools::CGITemplate::CGITemplate Cheetah::Templates::SkeletonPage::SkeletonPage

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Detailed Description

A mixin class that provides facilities for managing application settings.

SettingsManager is designed to work well with nested settings dictionaries
of any depth.

Definition at line 434 of file SettingsManager.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
 init methods
def copySettings
def deepcopySettings
def getConfigString
def hasSetting
def normalizePath
def readSettingsFromConfigFile
def readSettingsFromConfigFileObj
def readSettingsFromContainer
def readSettingsFromPySrcFile
def readSettingsFromPySrcStr
def setSetting
def setting
 core post startup methods
def settings
def updateSettings
def updateSettingsFromConfigFile
def updateSettingsFromConfigFileObj
def updateSettingsFromConfigStr
def updateSettingsFromPySrcFile
def updateSettingsFromPySrcStr
 source specific update methods
def writeConfigFile

Static Public Attributes

 readSettingsFromModule = readSettingsFromContainer

Private Member Functions

def _createConfigFile
 methods for output representations of the settings
def _defaultSettings
def _initializeSettings

Private Attributes


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