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Cheetah::Compiler::MethodCompiler Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for Cheetah::Compiler::MethodCompiler:


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Detailed Description


Definition at line 200 of file Compiler.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def addChunk
def addElse
def addExcept
def addFilteredChunk
def addFinally
def addFor
def addGetTextVar
def addIf
def addInclude
def addIndentingDirective
def addMethComment
def addMethDocString
 methods for adding code
def addOneLineIf
def addPSP
def addRawText
def addReIndentingDirective
def addRepeat
def addReturn
def addSet
def addSilent
def addStrConst
def addTry
def addUnless
def addWhile
def addWriteChunk
def appendToPrevChunk
def cleanupState
def commitStrConst
def dedent
def docString
def endCacheRegion
def genCacheInfo
def genCacheInfoFromArgList
def genCheetahVar
def genNameMapperVar
def genPlainVar
def genTimeInterval
def handleWSBeforeDirective
def indent
def indentation
 methods for managing indentation
def methodBody
def methodDef
 methods for final code wrapping
def methodName
def methodSignature
def nextCacheID
def setErrorCatcher
def setFilter
def setMethodName
def setMethodSignature
def setting
def startCacheRegion
def wrapCode

Private Member Functions

def _appendToPrevStrConst
def _setupState
def _unescapeCheetahVars
def _unescapeDirectives

Private Attributes


Static Private Attributes

 __str__ = methodDef

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