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Cheetah::Compiler::ClassCompiler Class Reference

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 672 of file Compiler.py.

Public Member Functions

def __getattr__
def __init__
def addAttribute
def addChunkToInit
def addClassDocString
def addErrorCatcherCall
def addGetTextVar
def addSettingsToInit
def attributes
def classDef
 code wrapping methods
def classDocstring
def className
def classSignature
def cleanupState
def closeBlock
def closeDef
def genCacheInfo
def genCacheInfoFromArgList
def genCheetahVar
def genNameMapperVar
def genPlainVar
def genTimeInterval
def methodDefs
def setBaseClass
def setClassName
def setMainMethodName
def setting
def startMethodDef
def wrapClassDef

Static Public Attributes

 methodCompilerClass = AutoMethodCompiler
 methodCompilerClassForInit = MethodCompiler

Private Member Functions

def _addSourceFileMonitoring
def _finishedMethods
def _getActiveMethodCompiler
def _popActiveMethodCompiler
def _setActiveMethodCompiler
def _setupInitMethod
def _setupState
def _spawnMethodCompiler
def _swallowMethodCompiler

Private Attributes

 change the name in the methodCompiler and add new reference

Static Private Attributes

 __str__ = classDef

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